Filter rules

Rule's in filters

Click tags & Filter

Click the New Rule button

1. member: Choose which field the rule should be based on, for example: Campaign, Automation, language or activity.

2. Mailing: There are new choices such as: Latest campaign, latest 5 promotions, latest 10 promotions. 3. Member: Ability to influence if member Have Or does not have... 

4. statistic type: that opened the email, clicked on the link or received a mailing.

5. Number field: There you can specify the number (0-90) of Last Days
Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number of days.

Tips! Use the arrow keys (up/down) on your keyboard.

6. Save rules: save new rules by pointing and clicking the Save Rule's button

Delete rule: tap and click the Recycle Bin to delete the rule

Save your rule

Click the Save Rule's button and the rule will be saved in a list, which can be used at a later time.

Create more rules

To create additional rules, point and click the New Rule button and a rule will be created that settles in a list under rules.

Remove rule

Delete/delete your rule by pointing and clicking on the dustbin/trashcan

Apply one or more rules

Use only one rule or use all rules

Match all
All rules are used in the list for rules

Good luck! 

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