How do I add a countdown?

In this article we will go through how you can add a countdown for a specific time. We have created five different options for you to consider. We recommend that you set the countdown a maximum of 9 days before, to make it look the best. 

First you will see the different designs of "Countdowns" you can use. After that, you will be able to read step by step how to do it.

How to proceed: 

  • Start by choosing which design you want to use and copy that link. In each link you see above, there is a date and time in the link. Change the date and time directly in the link to the specific time when the countdown should hit 0. The image below shows a closer view of where in the link the date and time are located. 

  •  To make the countdown work, click on an image block in your template and put the link in the URL box.

When you send a preview to see what the mailing will look like, the correct numbers for the countdown will not appear, this is only for live mailings!

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