Integrate Jetshop with Rule

Do you have a shop in Jetshop?

With Rule integrated into Jetshop, you can now collect order history, customer, product and behaviour data, giving you insights for segmented, personalized, automated, and data-driven communications.

We set up a ready flow for you under Automations, where there are then 5 standard automations to start with:

  • Order Completed
  • Winback - We Miss You
  • Not shopped 3 months
  • Not shopped 6 months
  • Not shopped 9 months

A responsive mail template with your graphic profile is also included.

The integration is free to use for the Rule's customers and you can activate it yourself in a few simple steps.

How is integration done?

Sign in to Rule and go to the developer page

Click "New API Key". The API key is a security task, so treat it gently, much like a password.

Click "Copy". Now you have the API key in your computer's clipboard (ClipBook Viewer).

Now you're done in Rule!

Then log in to your store in Jetshop.

Then click News Management in the left-hand menu, then newsletter:

Now you are on newsletter - integration, and here you can then choose Rule in the dropdown menu.

Paste the API key from your computer's clipboard (Mac cmd+c, Win ctrl+c) in the "API key" box 

Click "Save".

For order push, you must contact jetshop who switches this on using your API key.

Now you're done, well done!

Data starts to appear in Rule right after the next order!

How does the data appear in Rule?

New members are created in the tags:



These tags can then be used to set up all common e-commerce flows for marketing automation. 

For more information on setting up marketing automation flows click här.

Optional services:

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