Get started with Freemium

Rule Freemium includes:

- No fee

- Unlimited emails

- Free mailings to 250 members

- Knowledge base in need of *support

- Free Sitoo integration 

- Access to free standard templates

Get started with a few easy steps

Below you will find links with videos to the steps we recommend that you go through before you get started.

Inställningar - Set up SPF & DKIM for best deliverability, sender, Google analytics and Triggerbee, debit card (if you want to upgrade)

Importera medlemmar - Groups, custom field , Imports of members.

 Taggar & filter - Create tags and segment your members with Filters.

Din första kampanj - Create your first campaign using our standard templates.

Din första Marketing Automation - How to get started with automate mailing.

To start a Rule Freemium account, click here!

*Rule freemium does not include personal support and you will have access to our kunskapsbank, where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Good luck!

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