Integrating Centra with Rule

In Rule

Sign in to Rule and go to the developer page

Click "New API Key". The API key is a security task, so treat it gently, much like a password.

Click "Copy". Now you have the API key in your computer's clipboard (ClipBook Viewer).

Now you're done in Rule!

In Centra

The next step is to link your E-commerce to Rule in Centra. 

Sign in to Centra

Under Plugins, select Rulemailer v4

Under API Key, paste the API key you generated into Rule in previous steps.

Select the features and settings you want and tap save

Now you are done and the data will start to be sent to Rule

What data can be sent from Centra into Rule?

You choose which data you want to submit to your account in Rule.

The selectable data fields are:

  • OrderCreated - When one or more items have been placed in the shopping cart
  • OrderCompleted - When the order is executed in e-commerce 
  • OrderShipped - When an order is shipped
  • RefundCompleted - When a product has been returned

If you manually confirm your orders in Centra:

  • OrderPlaced - When the order is placed in your e-commerce
  • OrderCompleted - When the order is manually confirmed in Centra

For more detailed info see

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