Integrate Panagora with Rule

In Rule

Sign in to Rule and go to the developer page

Click "New API Key". The API key is a security task, so treat it gently, much like a password.

Click "Copy". Now you have the API key in your computer's clipboard (ClipBook Viewer).

Now you're done in Rule!

In Panagora

Panagora manages the entire process of integration in EDGE. Contact your account manager at Panagora and they will help you with the process. 

What data is sent from Panagora to Rule?

Order data in 4 groups is sent from Panagora to Rule. The data submitted is the basis of the segmentation you can do in Rule and hence customize your communication.

The 4 groups are

  • Address - 7 fields
  • Cart - 4 fields
  • Order - 15 fields
  • Subscriber - 8 fields
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