Integrate WooCommerce with Rule


  1. Download the latest version of the integration via the link or search for "Woorule" in Wordpress plugins 
  2. Activate the plugin under Plugins from the Wordpress Admin panel.

In Rule

Sign in to Rule and go to the developer page

Click "New API Key". The API key is a security task, so treat it gently, much like a password.

Click "Copy". Now you have the API key in your computer's clipboard (ClipBook Viewer).

Now you're done in Rule!

In WooCommerce

Now it's time to sign in to your WooCommerce account. When you're signed in, follow these steps:

Set up the connector

  1.  Click WooCommerce
  2. Click Settings 
  3. Go to the Integration tab
  4. In the API KEY   field, paste the API key you previously generated in Rule
  5. Tap Save Changes

Now you are done and the order data will start to be sent into Rule with the tag "new order". 

Advanced settings

A new feature of the latest update to WooRule (1.1 onwards) is that you as a user can decide what data is submitted. You do this by setting up different rules based on events/events. You will then have full control over what is sent to suit your purposes. 

In the example below, we set a rule for the "processing" event, which we also choose as the tag of Rule. You will find the different events for which you can set up rules under "which event". To set up that rule, set up the following steps:

Set up the connector

  1. In the menu you will now find the Rulemailer tab - click on that tab
  2. Under WooRule mailing list, tap Add new and then edit the new created rule
  3. You then set up the rule as follows:
    1. Name: Choose a name
    2. Enabled : Check in the box
    3. Show in Checkout: Check in the box if you want the customer to be able to choose to subscribe to newsletters
      1. Checkout label: Is the name of the tag that members end up in if you tick "Show in checkout"
    4. Update on duplicate : Check in the box
    5. Automation: Should be set to Reset
    6. Auto create tags : Check in the box
    7. Auto create fields : Check in the box
    8. Which event : Processing
    9. Tags : Processing
  4. Under Custom fields, then tap Show all available meta fields, which opens up a list of the different data fields you can use
  5. To select the fields you want, hover over and press add
  6. Press Save changes

Configuration of WooRule extension From Rule Communication On Vimeo.

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