How do I change the color of links in Rule?

In the image below we can see that the link text in the button is blue. This is because blue is the default color of links in Rule. To manually change the color of the link in a button or text, follow the steps below. At the top, you describe how to set the same color to all links. The next example describes how to set different colors to different links. 

Option 1: Same color on all links

  • Go to the Email builder/campaign editor.
  • Click "Advanced Settings" along the right side of the screen. 

  • Click on "Enable Settings". 
  • Click on "Global link Colors" and enter the desired color code. Make sure you select Black. Then all call-outs in the email will be black. 
  • Clearly!

Option 2: Set different colors on different links

  • Go to the Email builder/campaign editor.
  • Select the current link.
  • In the editor menu at the top right, click Text color. 
  • Select the desired color. 
  • Clearly!

  • Do you want the link color to be white? In this case, avoid the color button that says "Automatic" and choose the white box in the lower right.
  • Result: White link text. 

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