Journey Builder - Get Started

In this article, we will go into the depths of what Journey Builder is in the simplest way possible. It may seem complex but we will break it down into different steps. You will quickly notice the great value Journey Builder will give you as the purpose is to communicate more with your customers but with fewer mailings. 

Before you start, we recommend that you read Journey Builder - Introduktion, where we briefly walk you through how to navigate inside that part of the platform.

You will learn:

Part 1: How does it work?

Journey Builder makes it easy for you to communicate more with your customers with fewer mailings. How does it work? You set up different types of flows in your "Journey". If you are an e-commerce, you can have several "Flows", for example:

  • Happy birthday feed
  • Your campaigns
  • Win-back, to activate customers who do not shop for a while.
  • Abandoned cart, to catch those who have added items to the cart but not completed a purchase.
  • Product recommendations,

Here you see an example of what a Journey could look like. You can build as many emails as you want in each "Flow". Let's say a customer would match with several of the segments within this Journey, for example, the customer's birthday is coming up, it's been a while since the customer shopped and this week's newsletter should be sent, instead of sending 3 separate emails, all these emails are sent in one. Below we show the emails the customer matched those segments.

Below you can see what the email looks like after the person after matching with the different segments. The first email is for the customer's birthday, then the weekly newsletter and finally product recommendations.

You can use the Journey Builder just to send out your campaigns if you want.

Part 2: Features

Personalization in Journey Builder

For example, in this email we want it to say "Happy Birthday *first name*", what you do then is to:

  1. Click on "custom field" and select "First name". 
  2. Here you can see what it looks like in the email itself, but when it is sent to the customer it will show the person's first name.

You can put "First name" and other "custom field" anywhere in the email, not just in the header.


A switch changes selected parts of your mailing. As the image below shows, there is a "+" that you can click on to add more variants of the same email. For example, if you want the same email but in different languages, you could 

  1. The first email we created was for our Swedish customers.
  2. The email is transferred and looks the same, and here we have to choose a segment. Maybe we want our Norwegian customers to receive this, then you add the tag you have for your Norwegian customers, then you change what you want in the email.
  3. Then you can add multiple switches, for example if you have a customer base with multiple languages, you can add the languages you want.

Time setting

Here you set the time you want your emails to be sent out. When you set the time there, all the emails in that "Journey" are sent at the same time. 

Add SMS to your Journey

On the left side there is a "+" sign where you can add emails, or SMS. Select SMS and you can start creating them.

Previewing one or more emails at the same time

If you want to preview an email, click on the eye in the mailing you want to look at, and then click on preview in the top right corner. If you want to preview multiple emails at once, click on the "Eye" in all the emails you want to look at, then click preview and you will see a long email with all your choices included.

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