Integrate Hello Retail with Rule

Integrate Hello Retail with Rule and send personalized product recommendations.

Hello Retail offers a flexible all-in-one solution to e-retailers that improves the shopping experience for customers through personalized product recommendations. They work with hyper-personalized on-site content and analysis of customer behavior to serve them more relevant content. When you integrate Rule with Hello Retail, you can use AI and customer data to include product content in your mailings that is fully personalized. Integrate Hello Retail with Rule and create personalized product experiences to build and maintain long-term customer relationships.

Set up in Hello Retail

When you set up your Hello Retail account, you will get help creating 3 promotions. 

  • Recommended for you: Displays a personal selection, relevant to past behavior and purchases on the site.
  • Newly arrived: The latest products in the store, with a stock of personalization. Displays products from either the brand or category that the customer has previously shown interest in. And once it has been covered, we will show you the products that are most popular in new entry.
  • Recommended offers: Discounts are always a big driver, and the best discounts are customized. We show the products and categories that the customer has first shown interest in and then show the products that are most popular on offer.

Select one of the already created campaigns or get in touch with Hello Retail they will help you with new campaigns according to your wishes. 

Hello Retail will work directly with you for further customization on your promotions. if you have questions about your promotions in Hello Retail, you can email

Link your Hello Retail campaign with your mailing in the Rule

You need to download your campaign ID from Hello Retail to find it follow the guide below

Under Email, click Newsletter Content 

Auto campaigns

Copy template ID 

Set in Rule

To connect Hello Retail's product recommendation with Rules segmentation and communication capabilities, we need a campaign ID. This is created in Hello Retail along with recommendation rules and number of products. 

Send an email to with the account name, we will add a Hello Retail block to your template. The cost of the Hello Retail block is 1250kr.
Once the template is in place, you will see them in your list inside the template.

If you use Journey Builder you will find them as widgets:

You add the templates with +

Inside the mail editor, insert Hello Retail template ID as a variable when you press 

When you are done with your settings, make a test call to Rule for all your feeds, then you will be able to see in your account in Rule which data you receive and to which tag.

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