Journey Builder - FAQ

1) How Does Header &footer work in Journey Builder

There is a separate header and footer tab on each Journey. It can be accessed on the three points of the Journey menu.  If you have a Header & Footer that you are happy with in another Journey, you can copy it and insert another Journey. How to do it is explained in the film below. 

2) How do I change senders in Journey Builder?

In order to personalize their mailings, there are "meta settings" that can be varied depending on the recipient and content set

  • Sender name is as it sounds, the name of the sender in the email 
  • Sender email, logically any email address 
  • Because a recipient can match multiple content sets in a Journey is, recipients from the same Journey can have different headings. It's a hirarki that puts the headline on the email, if you come up with a Journey, the first content set you match from above is the runebrik.
    • Same with Pre header
  • Utm campaign is the name saved in google analytics
  • Utm content is an extra level of data saved in google analytics  

3) Add button with link

4) How switches work in Journey Builder 

Här we describe how a switch works, as the video below shows, it is first 2 switches (1st order, and 3+ orders) I add another switch with segment "Journey VIP" and add another image.

Different switches are connected to different segments. If a receiver were to match multiple segments, the priority is the segment you match first. So, if a recipient matches both 3+ orders and Journey VIP, the recipient will receive 3+ orders because that switch comes first. 

5) Move content set between journeys 

In order to move a content set between different journeys, you must first make sure that the trigger type is the same as you move to. In this example, I want to move the content set "We miss you" in the lane "WIN BACK".

  1. Make sure the trigger type is the same as you move from as to the new lane

2. Tap the three dots on the content set you want to move

Tap move to, select Journey, and later which lane

If you want to copy the content set before, you'll be fine 

6) Troubleshoot: My Journey isn't being sent

  1. Check the segment you selected "All" contains recipients
  2. In this example, this Lane is triggered on birthday and that we are going to send to people who are celebrating their birthday in 5 days and birthday today, check if there is anyone matching that filter. (For troubleshooting, you can import a member that matches that selection or change the trigger type to campaign and set today's date)
  3. Make sure Lanes is activated 
  4. Check to make sure there are Lane boxes activated  
  5. Make sure there's a segment inside the Lane box 

7. Trigger mail on order history 

You can build up your win-back mail in two different ways, the difference is if you want to trigger an mail X days since you made the last purchase or when an order is x days old.

Send mail when an order is X days old

If you choose to trigger the email on "Relative Date" and the member field, Journey Builder will find all historical orders and when any of your orders are in this case 120 days old, we will send the contents of "We miss you!"

Send mail when a recipient hasn't shopd on X days 

If we want to trigger an email on when it was X days since a recipient later traded, make a filter with the rule is in this case 120 days ago.

Change the trigger type to repeating and that we should send contains "We miss you!" daily. Then we will only send to recipients who have not shopped for 120 days. 

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