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Preferences is a feature that allows members to change their subscription by using opt-in or opt-out for specific content. The advantage for members in Rule is that they are not unsubscribed from all mailings completely, but the member remains active but will not receive the content that they have unsubscribed from.

Get started

Preferences are activated by Rule, read more about how to get started. här

Members who have no preference selected are the default opt-out. The default opt-in can be updated in the preference admin view.

Preferences are assigned to specific content in Journey Builder. When preferences are active and members who match the preference click the unsubscribe link in the email, they will see the "Update your preferences" page of Rule.

As an optional advanced feature, it is possible to create multiple preference groups in the preferences admin view. This feature can be used, for example, when a Rule account manages multiple brands.

Custom URL

It is possible to set up your own preference page, if you do not want to use the one already created by the Rule

The custom URL for the domain is added to the preferences admin view, then a script becomes available to be added to the Rule customer website. When the preferences are active and the members matching the preferences click the unsubscribe link in the email, they will see their own preferences page. It is possible for developers to make their own changes to the script by changing the CSS styling and updating text strings for the UI. NOTE The javascript code, must NOT be changed in any way.

Skriptet laddar in preferenser dynamiskt från Rule's backend. Det finns möjlighet att unikt identifiera preferenser baserat på deras namn, inuti <label>. Med detta menas att en utvecklare kan lägga till mer innehåll i form av en bild eller beskrivning per preferens. Exempel på dynamisk kod från Rule's backend:

<ul><li id="preference-id-RRRRRE"><label><span><input type="checkbox" id="preference-checkbox-RRRRRE" checked="checked"><span></span></span>Weekly News</label></li><li id="preference-id-RRRRRL"><label><span><input type="checkbox" id="preference-checkbox-RRRRRL"><span></span></span>Local News</label></li></ul>

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