Back in stock

Back in stock is part of our Product Alerts API and can be used to notify customers when a sold-out product has been replenished in stock again. 

The advantage of Back in stock is that the customer can choose to subscribe to updates related to a specific product. When the inventory status of the product changes and is updated, a selection of those customers who have chosen to subscribe will receive a notification of this. 

How many people receive the notification that the product is available depends on how much is in stock compared to how many people have chosen to subscribe to the back in stock message. It is possible to anpassa Inställningarna how and when to send a mailing. 

By using Product Alerts API you can get your customers more engaged while making communication more relevant and accurate. More uses for the Product Alerts API besides back in stock functionality are:

  • Coming soon for new product launches.
  • Pre-order to capture the interest before a product is manufactured.

To access the Back in stock functionality, you need to have knowledge of programming, or access to a developer who can help install Product Alerts API.

Once the setup is complete and the group "Rule-ProductAlert" has been created in your account, you can enable Historical data for it. If you do not activate Historical data, each alert will be overwritten by the last one. 

Everything you need to get started you will find här!

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