Basis for ordering templates

This article explains how to prepare the basis for a template order.
When we create the template for you, we test it in all common email clients and devices, i.e. desktop, mobile and tablet. The cost of a customized template is 2500 SEK and the delivery time is 2 weeks. In case of changes to the order, the delivery time can be extended.
We welcome your submission as a Figma project to We will then reply with a confirmation once we have reviewed the file and queued the order.

Important: As our developers do not speak Swedish, all documentation and comments need to be in English. 


  • Max width - 680px - To make it work best in all mail clients.
  • Layout - The template should be created in blocks, see example here.
  • Fonts - Standard web fonts are supported in all mail clients. If you want to use other fonts, it is not guaranteed that they are supported, see web safe fonts.
  • Background color - Use only color code ( hex code ) in the background and not images.
  • Social media icons - Links to your social media.
  • Responsiveness - Responsive or non-responsive. A non-responsive template means that the template is not adapted for mobile view.
  • Dark mode - At an additional cost, we customize the template for dark mode. Read more about which email clients support this.

Template adjustments:

  • After delivery, you can feedback changes within 30 days. This includes 2 rounds of corrections. We receive the desired adjustments clearly as a bulleted list in English in a Word document. This document should be sent to
  • When these 30 days have passed, there is an additional cost for adjustments in templates, 1450 SEK/hour. Contact us with the document and we will get back to you with a clear estimate. 

Good to keep in mind: 

  • Text and images that are above another image are not technically supported, but instead you can create the image as you want in, for example, photoshop and upload as a regular image.
  • More advanced styling, such as rounded corners and shading on images and buttons, has limited support in email clients. 
  • Learn more about newsletter templates here !
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