Order template or adjustments to the template.

To order a new template or an update of the existing template:

-From the main menu, go to templates and then click New Template followed by order a new template.

-There you order a new template containing the adjustments and updates desired. Upload your PSD file (Photoshop format) and send it to us as below screenshot shown. If you do not have the possibility to create a PSD file, the following PDF, sketch, Invision, InDesign also works. 

The cost of a new template is 1250 KR, you are a brand new customer is your first template at no cost. 

 For adjustments to a template:

Cost for adjustments in templates is 1150 SEK/hour. Collect the desired adjustments in a document and send the dossier to us via support@rule.se So your template will be updated shortly, a maximum of 5 business days from the date of receipt of all material. In the case of a small correction, you can just email the request without creating a document. 

Note that corrections in the basic template made by Rule Communication do not affect campaigns in Drafts. This requires an update to the template for changes to be visible by clicking "Change template"/"Change template" from the email builder, or clicking campaigns->new email from the main menu.

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