How to increase your customer base in Rule

Increase your customer base and number of subscribers

Most people who work with digital kommunikation of any kind often aim to increase their customer base and get more subscribers in order to increase their turnover. There are both technical solutions for how to increase your customer base and number of subscribers and there are strategic solutions. Both are equally important to consider and weave into your digital strategy in order to expand your customer base. In this post, we will share successful solutions on how to increase your customer base and number of subscribers. 

We will start with tips and then give practical suggestions for solutions in Rule. 

Make it easy for the customer to convert

First and foremost, and perhaps most importantly, make it easy for your customers to opt-in, i.e. sign up for your service or subscribe to your website. nyhetsbrev. The more visible your CTA buttons are, the more likely it is that a visitor will convert. There are some places that are exemplary to place CTA buttons for newsletter sign-ups, two of these places are in the footer of your website and in the checkout after the customer has made a purchase. Otherwise, you should make sure that the CTA to create an account or become a member should always be visible when the customer is on your site.

Referral marketing happens automatically with satisfied customers

With Referral campaigns, you can encourage your existing customers to recommend your products or brand to their friends. This is usually done by offering a reward to those customers who successfully recruit a new visitor to your site. It is also possible to use Referral Campaigns to get new visitors to join your newsletter. Triggerbees Referral campaigns are available in several templates, which makes it quick and easy to set up a campaign based on your needs and your brand's graphic profile. Sharing takes place via the browser's built-in sharing function, which allows your visitors to choose freely in which channel they want to share the offer. Regardless of the channel, the link is tagged so that incoming visitors can see the corresponding friend campaign.

Connect all your existing systems to Rule

Most companies use several different external systems to manage their websites, communication and marketing. By connecting all your systems in Rule, you collect all your customers and your data in one place. This will result in both a better overview of the development of your customer base and a smoother handling of the customer data that comes in from all different channels. When your customers are gathered in one place, it is also easier to segment them and thus send more accurate communication to them, which goes hand in hand with what we mentioned above about the right communication to the right recipient. 

Relevance, value and exposure

The key to growing your customer base is relevance, value and exposure. With these three pillars to guide your communications and marketing, you'll go far. Once your prospects become customers, it's all about building, developing and maintaining relationships with subscribers. When you're at that stage, take inspiration from this post on hur du bäst mappar upp email genom kundresan.

Next steps - Use Rule features to increase your customer base 

Now that you've got some tips and inspiration, we recommend reading our technical guide below to get you started:


Start with the simplest and most important first, forms on the website, to get customers to subscribe to your newsletters.

There are different solutions for forms, below are 3 examples of how to get started with this:

1) Rule offers free double opt-in forms:
Hur skapar jag ett anmälningsformulär?

2) Triggerbee offers personalized forms and site content, based on your data in Rule. Also tracks and analyzes individual visitors to gradually build up customer profiles and synchronize it with Rule: Triggerbee integration

3) Triggerbee are experts in referral marketing. We also offer forms that can be personalised to your needs:
Integrera Triggerbee med Rule


A good way to collect members for your newsletter is to collect sign-ups via Facebook Lead Ads. In Rule there is a link that automatically collects your leads so that you can directly process them via marketing automation and newsletters: Hur kopplar jag ihop Facebook Lead Ads med Rule?

Facebook Custom Audiences is a new channel where Rule can transfer members, where you choose the marketing strategy based on the data we have on the members of the target audience.
When you're ready to expand your business, you can also use your custom audience to create a lookalike audience. Lookalike audiences are lists of people who are similar to the people who currently interact with your business and to whom you want to target advertising:
Integrera Facebook anpassade målgrupper med Rule

Other sources

Ask yourselves. What other sources do you have for getting more subscribers? Landing pages, events, partners, etc. Is it clear enough to the user how to subscribe from all your sources?
Don't forget to turn on your integrations ( här you will find all)

Can't find integration for your source? Don't worry, Rule has an open API, which means you can integrate all your sources:

API-nyckel och dokumentation

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