What do the campaign metrics mean?

On the home page, recent week statistics on newly added members will be displayed day by day, as well as an overview of the openings and clicks of recent promotions.

You can also see your metrics for specific campaigns by going to campaigns And clicking Overview on each campaign.

Opened: The number of unique openings of the newsletter. (Note that the number of openings at the individual level registers an opening each time the email client is updated. Even if the email message is forwarded, the openings on the original recipient are recorded. Therefore, the number may be perceived as misleading.)

Clicked: The number of recipients who clicked on any link in the email.

Inyour browser: the number of clicks that have been made to read the email.

Unsubscribe: Number of recipients who opted to cancel the newsletter.

Bounces: Number of messages that have been stopped by the receiving server. Typical causes can be, called hard bounce, e.g. Misspelled address or soft bounce as failed delivery due to temporary problems such as full inbox.

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