Journey Builder - SMS

Complement your content with SMS in Journey Builder.

To set up SMS in your Journey, create a new section of type SMS. And link a segment to whom you want to send. Then, when your members match the segment and the send settings, the SMS will be sent to the members automatically. 

Create Content in your SMS 

Here you select the segment you want to send to, if it is the same as the main segment, select the same here. Inside the SMS editor, type your message. The unsubscribe link is created automatically and is clickable.

Different variations of the same mailing 

You have the possibility to divide your mailings however you want, it can be different content, language or whatever you want. The most important thing is that the members match the segment linked to the flow in your Journey (see picture below) In this case OrderCompleted and Language. Read more about how segmentation in Journey Builder works här

In the next step, we have chosen to split the mailing according to the language of the member. 


You can also segment the OrderCompleted at the flow level and have different variants of the SMS depending on the type of customer you belong to. In the example below, one version is sent to customers who are in the OrderCompleted segment and the other version is sent to VIP customers

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