Your first steps with Rule

Not sure where to start? Here we help you become a Ruler by guiding you through the first steps of the platform.

Create your first custom template in a few clicks

Using our Brand Style feature, you add your company profile which then creates a selection of personalized templates that you can use to create your mailings. 

Read this guide to setting up Brand Style

Start building your membership list

By retrieving your members with their data, Rule allows you to gain better insight into your membership list. We help you find new ways to communicate with your members and expand your membership list.

Even if you don't have any contacts yet, this is a perfect opportunity to test the tools, so you can see how to manage members and their data inside Rule.

Importera dina medlemmar

Hämta medlemmar från andra plattformar

No contacts? No problem

Let customers register their interest via your website.

Skapa ett anmälningsformulär

Send your first email campaign

Creating campaigns is an art in itself. We guide you on how to choose a template, add content, select recipients and send your newly created campaign.

Skapa din första kampanj

Good job. With your first campaign created, you can call yourself a real Ruler.

Next step? More personalised communication with your members

Get closer to your customers through automation

With automations, you can create emails that are sent automatically at specific events, such as when people sign up for your newsletter, when you send receipts, or after an activity when a certain amount of time has passed.

Skapa din första automation

Do you have something urgent to say? Reach your customers directly via the SMS channel

Some communications are so important that you want to reach your members directly. Messages such as discount codes, events and other updates are most successful when sent via SMS.

Skapa en SMS-kampanj

Set the basics. Learn how deliverability and segmentation are managed at the best level.

Bästa inställningarna för leveransbarhet

Hur du arbetar med listor och segmentering

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