How to set up filters

In this article we will go through step by step how to set up filters in Rule. Filters are a tool for creating selections, these are usually called segments. Thus, filters are a way to further divide your customers. You can segment your customers using filters as granularly as you like. For example, you can segment your members who have shopped more than 3 times, over a certain type of order value, and create mailings that are more relevant to them. Or if you have customers with the member field "City", you can create a filter on "City = Gothenburg". In this way, all members who have Gothenburg as a city are filtered out of the list. 

Before you create filters, we recommend that you know what the following are:

Create Filter

  1. Click on "New filter"
  2. Name your "Filter"
  3. Describe what your filter will do for clarity
  4. Choose which tag(s) to include
  5. Save
  6. Or create a"Grouped filter"

The next step is to add a rule to your filter, or several

  1. Change if you want the rule to "Match any" or "Match all". Match any = one or some rule must match the member to be in the filter. Match all = the filter retrieves the values that match all the values. I.e. all rules must match the member to be included in the filter. 
  2. Select a "field"
  3. Select "operator", it will automatically display different options you can choose from, in this example we could select "is equal to" or "is not equal to". 
  4. In this example we are filtering by language, so in this field you will choose which language you want to filter by. After that you save the filter, the button is in the bottom left corner. 
  5. If you want to add more than one rule to this filter, click on "new rule", and do the same as the points above. Remember to click save in the bottom left corner when you are done.

Fler exempel på olika filter finns samlade här.

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