How do I see my campaigns in Google Analytics?

You can easily see insights for your campaigns in Google Analytics. 

Before you get started, you need to make some simple settings in Rule, följa instruktionerna här.

Rule then automatically adds, Source = rule and Medium = email and Campaign as well as Campaign as you choose yourself. 

Once you sign in to your Gooogle Analytics account, you'll see your statistics from Rule during 

  • Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns
  • Then you need to click on "Source/Medium" in the campaign view, where you will be able to choose rule /email.
  • To get statistics broken down by each campaign, you also need to select "Secondary dimension" > Commonly used > campaign.

Clearly! You can now see insights from your campaigns in Google Analytics.

Note that the number of clicks may differ in Rule and Google Analytics. In GA, sessions count i.e. visits that are 30 seconds or longer, while Rule counts each click.

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