Technical questions - FAQ

In this article we go through simple, technical questions. If you still don't get an answer to your question after reading this article, you can contact

We will go through: 

1. Why does our template say Certified by Rule ?

In the templates available to everyone in Rule - it says "Mailing certified by Rule". 

With billions of emails being sent all over the world every day, it is important to be able to distinguish legitimate senders from less legitimate ones. 

When Rule adds "Certified by Rule" or "Sent from Rule" in the template's footer, the recipient of the mailing can click on that link and end up at A recipient who is unsure whether the email is delivered by a reputable supplier is then reassured and can - if he or she wishes - choose to unsubscribe from future mailings, instead of clicking the spam button. 

Rule as a supplier in the footer, is thus a mark of quality.

2. Tips in case of possible malfunctions 

If you are experiencing malfunctions within your account, or something seems suspiciously wrong, it could be due to a number of reasons:

  • This may be because you have temporarily lost your internet connection.
  • That you have been logged out due to inactivity 
  • Your browser has a plug-in that affects

Try the actions below:

  • Refresh your browser window
  • Log out of Rule and log in again
  • Use the Chrome browser and try its incognito mode which can be found under File>New incognito window .

Then contact our service department via if the problems recur with a description along with screenshots showing what you are experiencing. 

3. What is the correct format for mobile numbers?

It is common for companies to collect phone numbers as member data on their members. To import phone numbers into the associated membership card, it is required that the number is written in the correct format and is actually a mobile number. In addition, it is not possible to import home numbers/fixed telephony.

For Rule to be able to read mobile numbers smoothly when importing, the number must be written in country code format, i.e. for example (+46)73867xxx. For Swedish numbers, however, the formats, 0046..., also work. or 07...

4. Showing images in emails

Some email clients choose to hide the image display of the newsletter. This is something that lies outside Rule and the settings are made in the respective e-mail client. 

The solution is to either encourage your recipients to add your sender to their address book, or for the recipient to click on the "Always show the images" link. 

5. custom field for email addresses is not imported

In preparation for importing your file with members and member data, we recommend that you create the custom fields in advance in Rule. This way, the matching of the fields will be as smooth as possible when you import your file. 

It is important to note that you do not need to create the member field for the email address yourself. Rule reads the @ address on import and creates that field automatically and names it "Email". See screenshot below. 

This is what it looks like when the email address field is matched automatically:

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