Statistics in campaigns - FAQ

In this article, we will look at common questions about statistics.

We will go through the following:

  1. What do statistics mean for campaigns?
  2. Export of Campaign statistics
  3. Why does it look like a customer has opened the email so many times?
  4. How can I see if the customer has received the promotion?

1. What are campaign statistics?

On the home page, recent week statistics on newly added members will be displayed day by day, as well as an overview of the openings and clicks of recent promotions. 

You can also view your statistics for specific campaigns by going to Statistics in the menu on the left. 

  • Opened: The number of unique openings of the newsletter. (Note that the number of openings at the individual level registers an opening each time the email client is updated. Even if the email message is forwarded, the openings on the original recipient are recorded. Therefore, the number may be perceived as misleading.)
  • Clicks: The number of recipients who clicked on a link in the email.
  • Unsubscribe: Number of recipients who opted to cancel the newsletter.
  • Bounces: Number of messages that have been stopped by the receiving server. Typical causes can be, called hard bounce, e.g. Misspelled address or soft bounce as failed delivery due to temporary problems such as full inbox.

2. Export of campaign statistics

To easily get an overview of the statistics for openings, clicks, bounces, etc. on sent campaigns, you can export this to a file. Follow the steps below. 

  • Go to Promotions in the menu. 
  • Click on Export and you will immediately start an export of the last 20 campaigns. You will receive the result in an Excel file. 

3. Why does it look like a customer has opened the email so many times?

The number of unique opens of the campaign is shown in the statistics page of a sent campaign. See example image below: 

Note that the opening count at individual level records an opening every time the email client is updated. Even if the email was e.g. forwarded, the openings are recorded on the original recipient. Another common scenario is that some type of spam filter / antimalware protection opens the email multiple times to check for malicious attachments or links. For example, this is how the protection works in Microsoft Office 365. The person responsible for the receiving email server can answer more questions about their controls.

For these reasons, the number may be perceived as abnormally high. Therefore, we normally recommend showing "unique" clicks, as each recipient is only counted once.

4. How can I see if a customer has received a campaign?

You can find the statistics in two ways, in the campaign statistics or by accessing the member's membership card and seeing their activity. 

To investigate a specific customer/member's campaign history, you can do the most easily in the following ways:  

  • Go to Members
  • Use the Search field to find the current email address.
  • Click on the member and see Activity in the member card. This shows the dates of campaigns sent, received, clicked on, etc. 

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