Campaign creation - FAQ

In this article, we will go through simple questions regarding the creation of your campaigns. If you still haven't found answers to your questions, you can contact for help.

We will go through the following:

  1. How do I schedule a mailing?
  2. How do I attach files/documents to newsletters?
  3. What is the "Text version" in the box below while creating your campaign?
  4. Create buttons in campaigns?
  5. What does "Advanced settings" mean?
  6. How do I send a preview of my campaigns?
  7. Can I send to only one filter?
  8. What are the maximum sizes for newsletters?
  9. How do I add a custom field to an email?

1. How do I schedule a mailing?

Inside the campaigns there is a button in the top right corner called "Summary and schedule", click there and you will get different options, see the image below.

You have three different options, "Decide later", to save it as a draft, "Instant", to send it when you click the button, and "Specific time", to enter the date and time you want the campaign to be sent. 

2. How do I attach files/documents to newsletters?

Attaching external files is not necessary in your newsletters. But there are two ways you can share file information anyway:

  1. Create landing pages and link in buttons, text and images in your emails. 
  2. If you are not able to upload your files/documents to your own website/landing page, you can upload your PDFs or other documents to, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox and create URL links there - which you then use to link to text or images in your mailing.

3. What is "Text version" in the box below while creating your campaign?

At the bottom of the email builder is a field for the text version of the current campaign. 

  • Text version is a summary of the email and is an alternative reading view that is available for those who read their e-mail in clients that do NOT support HTML code, such as Apple Watch.

Our recommendation is to have two to three sentences summarizing your newsletter, also include a link to read the newsletter online and have the beginning of the newsletter be similar to the HTML version. These measures also help to avoid getting caught in spam filters. 

4. Create buttons in campaigns

You can easily create buttons and link to subpages, etc. When you create your campaigns. 

  • Go to the email builder to create the campaign content with image, text, and links, you have the button icon on the right side of the toolbar at the top. See the icon as the second from the right in the image below. 

  • The following window opens. Enter text to be in the button and address to which the button will be linked. You can also adjust the color and font size as needed. Click OK to create the button.

  • Then it adjusts the position of the button in relation to its text. Put the cursor next to the button and align with the buttons on the left, center, or right position toolbar. 

  • The end result may look like the example below:

5. What does "Advanced settings" mean?

By clicking on the Advanced settings button, you are given the possibility to change some predefined settings manually. By activating the settings you can change the following: 

  • Underlined links. It is preset that they should not be underlined but can be changed by selecting "Yes" or "no". 
  • Global link colors means that you can manually enter color codes as desired to match their graphic profile. 
  • Image Layout-Removes margins around images in Gmail, among other things. 

You can find this feature on the right side of the image in the email builder where you create the content of the newsletter, specify the recipient, heading, etc.

6. How do I send a preview of my campaigns?

When you create your campaigns, there is a field where you can enter the email address and then click on "Preview" and you will receive an email in their inbox!

7. Can I send to only one filter?

Yes, you can choose to send to only one (or more) filters or one (or more) tag. 

Note that a filter is based on a tag, so if you add a tag and a filter, it may mean that the function of the filter is deactivated and all members of the tag and filter receive the message. 

8. What are the maximum dimensions for newsletters?

The maximum dimensions of the newsletter are 660 x 2000 px (width x height). 

Note that if, for example, you use a large image for imagemapping with links etc. and this exceeds the maximum height of 2000px, the image will be cut. 

9. How do I add a custom field to an email?

You can use custom field with information directly in your newsletter for a more personalized mailing. First, make sure you have the desired member information, in the example below: first name, loaded into Rule as a custom field. Look under Members>Groups and custom field.

To then get it into the newsletter as desired, go to the email builder where you create the letter and enter the recipients etc and put the cursor where the first name should be. Then go to the upper left corner of the toolbar and select custom field and search for first names. See how this is easily done below: 

Then the member field will automatically get and match that information. If a recipient does not match the member field, such as missing the data for the first name on the customer card, it will be displayed blank for that recipient. That is to say: then it will not stand "Hejsan Customfield..." (Will not display the CustomField/member field code) 

The use of custom field in the image URL:

To use personalized images you can do it in two ways.

1. Save the entire URL of the image in one custom field and use it as the URL for the image, such as "" in the member field "Grupp.bildurl", then we use the entire member field as the URL in image properties. This can then be used to ensure that recipients belonging to a particular segment, such as the EU, get a custom image.

2. Or you can control parts of the Image URL based on the value of a custom field . For example, we have saved the value "eu" in the member field "Address.Country" and then the image URL becomes:

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