Gmail Promotions Tab - FAQ

In this article we will go through the Gmail Promotions Tab. 

We will go through the following:

  1. What is the Gmail Promotions Tab?
  2. How do I add the Promotions Tab to my campaign?

1. What is the Gmail Promotions Tab?

To be even more visible in your feed, Rule offers a way to make your email more visible in the Gmail app. It's called Gmail Promotions Tab and all you have to do is add a special code to the campaigns you send out.

The configuration takes an estimated one hour according to the standard rate and you order it by emailing

Two ways to stand out in your inbox are:

  1. "Organization": you will see your logotype in the sender's circle.
  2. "PromotionCard" and "DiscountOffer": for occasional promotions that in short indicate that the Gmail algorithm perceives your offer as good and relevant to the recipient and therefore shows it high up in the Campaigns/Promotions tab.

  • A – Logo (Organization)
  • B – Discount code (DiscountOffer)
  • C – Validity (DiscountOffer)
  • D – Discount code (DiscountOffer)
  • E – image (PromotionCard)

Where does the customer see Gmail Promotion Tabs?

Promotion Tab appears in Gmail's native apps for iOS and Android. At the time of writing, they are not visible in the browser, but Gmail has announced that it will. This profiling is also not visible in mail sent to but opened in another email program; For example, iOS Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook, Samsung Mail et cetera.


As the name suggests, this option applies to email addresses. This does not appear for organization addresses, even if they use Google's G Suite. Nor for Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo or similar. In the Rules database, represents about 25% of all email addresses.

2. How do I add the Gmail Promotions Tab to my campaign?

The Gmail Promotions Tab contains three different sections: "Organizations" (which shows your logo in Gmail apps), "DiscountOffer" and "PromotionCard" (which shows your possible discount code, discount rate and an image adequate for your campaign, respectively). Here we explain how to make sure your campaign includes the Gmail Promotions Tab. 

When ordering Gmail Promotions Tab from We'll add your logo ("Organizations") so that it's visible in the Gmail campaign feed. The price corresponds to one hour of work according to the standard tariff. 

Deliver to us when ordering: Your logotype in square format (max 1MB). Format: PNG or JPG file. Keep in mind that the image should represent your brand and look good in a small circle.

Bonus for those who also want to use the "DiscountOffer" and "PromotionCard" Opportunities:

Rule adds - when ordering "Organizations" - additional blocks to your campaign template if you wish. Blocks that you can drag into the current campaign to add the functions Gmail "DiscountOffer" and Gmail "PromotionCard". In the source code of these blocks you add the discount code, discount rate and the image you want to appear in the Gmail inbox.

If this sounds complicated, Rule is happy to help with this as well (one hour of work at the standard rate), but the easiest way is for you to enter the data needed to make "DiscountOffer" and "PromotionCard" visible. Below we describe the procedure for this: 


Once you have placed your order, we add three blocks to your chosen template. In the first block "Organizations", we add the logo that you have sent to us. In the image below, you can see that these blocks are invisible in the email.

(NOTE: The Gmail "DiscountOffer" and Gmail "PromotionCard" blocks will only be added once you have decided to use these features as well).


If you want to activate "DiscountOffer" and "PromotionCard", you need to pull in these blocks – one at a time – in your campaign. The blocks, which become invisible, you will see if you click where you dragged them (see red arrow below) and then the block appears with a blue border around:


Once the blue frame is activated, you can go to Source in the top right corner and click on that button:


Once you have dragged in the "DiscountOffer" block, the following code will appear when you have clicked on Source:

After the four different content= positions, change the text inside the quotation marks to the details that apply to your campaign: " 17% off full-price styles" changes to "20% off spring collection", for example. And "JoyChris" might be called "Winter code" in your campaign. At the last two content= positions, you specify between which dates

( NOTE: Be careful not to delete any characters other than those inside the quotation marks! If you happen to do so: drag the block back into your campaign and start again. This is so that no code is missing when you send out the campaign!)


Once you have dragged in the "PromotionCard" block - which should display the image you have selected in the Gmail inbox - the following code is visible after clicking on Source:

After content =, insert a URL — for the image you want to appear in your Gmail inbox — inside the quotes. Where the image above says "", insert your image URL.

Want to know how to get an image URL? Läs mer här!

( NOTE: Again, be careful not to remove any characters other than those inside the quotation marks! If you happen to do so: drag the block back into your campaign and start again. This is to ensure that no code is missing when you send out the campaign).

Once you have changed the source code, added the content you want to the newsletter/campaign and have made a Preview (to a Gmail address that you open in, for example, your Gmail app on your mobile phone), just send out your sharp campaign!

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