Doing A/B tests in Rule

The use of A/B tests is an excellent way to measure and evaluate their campaign work. The settings are made easy through the email builder, where you create the campaign content, enter the recipient, heading et cetera. 

Follow the points below to create an A/B test.

  • From the Start screen: Click Create new campaign 
  • From campaigns along the green navigation bar: Click New Mail
  • Create the campaign that will form the basis for your A/B test – that is, the campaign you want to copy in later steps to different versions
  • Once you are happy with your campaign 1, click on the text statistics to proceed: 

  • Click Activate now to initiate the creation of your A/B test: 

  • Now you'll see the first sub-campaign – your major version – in your A/B test. 

  • Then click Create a new trial version to select how many parts you want to split your A/B test on. Once you have created as many promotions as you want in your A/B test (yes, you can choose more than two if you wish!), you can enter and edit the alternate versions as you want them:

  • After you edit campaign 2, click Save And then Summary and schedule

  • This will get you to the setting for how to send your A/B test. Determine how much of the recipients should be part of the test. Select how many hours the test should run. Determines who is considered to be the winner in the test and whether to send the winning campaign automatically after the test or if you want to submit it manually: 

  • To conclude, select whether the A/B test should be sent now, scheduled, or saved in drafts to be sent later:

(If you choose to click Direct-Send now. Then click the green button that says send. Then the test is sent out immediately!)

If you want to cancel your A/B test and instead just want to send it out as a regular campaign, you can easily delete your B-campaign, re-copy the campaign. Then in the summary step, choose to send your campaign to 100 percent of your target audience:

Read about tips regarding A/B tests on vår blogg.

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