Conducting A/B tests in Rule

In this article we will go through how to create AB tests in Rule. 

Using A/B testing is a great way to measure and evaluate your campaigns and learn more about what attracts your customers.
The settings are easily done through the email builder, where you create the content of the campaign, set the recipients and the header. Note: You can schedule the start of the mailing, but it is not possible to send version A at one time and schedule version B to be sent at another time. That is, it is not possible to send the AB test versions at different times. 

How to create an A/B test: 

1. Click on "Promotions"
2. Click on "New mail"

In the next step, you need to choose a template for the email. 

1. Here you set the settings for recipients and senders. It should form the basis of your AB - test
2. Select "Heading"
3. Here you create your content for your "Campaign" which you will make different versions of in a later step.
4. then click on "Statistics".

Click on "Activate now" to start creating your A/B test.

Here is the first version of your campaign.

1. To create another version, click on "Create a new test version". You can choose how many parts you want to split your A/B test into.
2. When you have created as many campaigns as you want in your A/B test (yes, you can choose more than two if you wish!), you can go in and edit the alternative versions as you want them. You can do this by clicking on the " pencil icon"

Here you can edit your test campaign the way you want it with new content and title. When you are ready, click on: 
1. "Save" 
2. sedan "Summary and schedule"

You have now reached the settings for sending your A/B test. 
1. determine the proportion of beneficiaries to be part of the test 
2. Choose how many hours the test will run 
3. Decide who will be the winner of the test 
4. Choose whether to send the winning campaign manually or automatically
5. Select whether the A/B test should be sent now, scheduled or saved in draft form to be sent at a later date. You can schedule the start of the mailing but it is not possible to send version A at one time and schedule version B to be sent at another time.
6. When you create A/B tests, you can set unique UTM tags to track the statistics in Google Analytics. You also have the option to set a custom UTM tag for the winning A/B test. If you leave the field "custom winner UTM tag" tag empty, we take the winning campaign's UTM tag and add "_winner" to distinguish the A/B tests.

Read about tips regarding A/B tests on vår blogg.

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