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In this article, we will go through frequently asked questions about automation. If you still don't feel that your questions have been answered, you can contact support.

We will go through the following:

  1. What is meant by "Trigger" in the context of Automation?
  2. How do I summarize statistics in Rule?
  3. Why doesn't my automation go off when I test?
  4. Why can't I find my campaign under Automation and vice versa?

1. What is meant by "Trigger" in the context of Automation?

By using triggers to start automations for well-sorted customer groups, you can treat your contacts differently depending on their behavior and thus contribute to a better customer experience. 

Below we will show the following: 

  • What a trigger looks like in an automation context 
  • What a trigger looks like in journey builder 
  • How to change a trigger in journey builder

Trigger in an automation context  

Here is an example of what a trigger looks like in your automations:
1. Here you see the actual tag or filter/segment that the automation will be triggered on. In this example, the automation will be triggered on "OrderCompleted", which means that the automation starts when someone has completed an order.
2. Here you can see your trigger settings, i.e. which rule you have set up for when your mailings should be sent out. In this automation, we have chosen to follow up the customer first after 5 days and then after 10 days.
3. Here you can deactivate your automation. You must do this if you want to change the trigger in your automation. 

NOTE! If a message is inactive or not added to the flow when a member triggers Automation, that message will not be included in that member's flow and thus will not be sent to that member. However, all members who trigger Automation after the message is activated or added will receive it.

Trigger in Journey Builder 

In Journey Builder, your triggers look like this (what is circled). In this case, the email will be triggered (sent) based on the date. 

Change begging in Journey Builder

If you click on Trigger, you can change what the automation should be triggered on.

1. Here you can see which triggers you can choose from. Click on the one you want.
2. If you choose "Relative date" or "Annual", you must also set custom field.
3. Click "Save" when you are done. 

2. How do I summarize statistics in Rule?

You can find statistics in your Dashboard, for weekly compilations. If you want a more comprehensive summary, such as the current year, you can also get the statistics through a few simple dealings.

When summarizing your Rule year, there are two ways we recommend:

1. For Campaign statistics

Go to Promotions and Sent. Go to the page where your desired date for the statistics is located and click on the Export button. (For example, if you want statistics for 2021, go to the page under Sent where the first campaign of 2021 is located. When you click Export, everything comes from that page).

Then you need to sort your stats in the Excel file in the way that suits you best.

2. For Member statistics

The second option is to create a filter under Tags & Filter to see, for example, how many members entered the tags (and unregistered) for a certain period of time. 

Select New Filter and rename it, then base your filter on the tags you want to see the statistics from.

Next, click the new member Rule button, then select the created at Member attribute and "is greater or equal" and the date you want to see the statistics from:

Then click Save Rule's and export the filter:

3. Why doesn't my automation go off when I test?

It is only when members come through the non-bulk import API and from the form that an Automation campaign is enabled.

Automation campaigns aren't triggered by manual member import. So no automated promotions will be sent out if you manually add yourself to a tag/filter.  

If you experience problems with automation, please contact with a description.

4. Why can't I find my campaign under automation and vice versa?

This may be because you have created individual mailings under Campaigns and automated mailings are created under Automation

  • Rule is built to distinguish campaigns if it is a newsletter or so-called transactional messages. Therefore, individual newsletters are created under the Campaigns tab and automated mailings such as order confirmations, automated welcome letters etc. under the Automation tab. 
  • The e-mail builder has the same appearance in both cases
  • Also note that the templates for both cases are created under the different tabs/sections. You cannot create a campaign under "promotions" and then choose to be an Automation. 

Contact us at support: if you have any thoughts.

Ps. Here you can read more about vad marketing automation är!

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