Setting up "Drag and drop" to retrieve content

In this article we will go through step by step how to get started with retrieving content from your website or e-commerce using Open Graph or Google Structured Data Markup. If your website has support for Open Graph or Google Structured Data Markup, you can drag and drop content directly from your website into your campaign inside Rule and then all the information will be retrieved automatically, instead of having to add images, text and links manually. 

> You can retrieve content used in templates in several ways, to find the way that suits you. klicka här!

We will go through:

  1. What you need to set up internally
  2. Guide on how to use "Drag and drop" in the Rule

1. What you need to set up internally 

With the help of Open Graph meta tags, you can control what is retrieved from your website when a certain link is pulled into a block when you create your mailings. This requires that your website supports Open Graph. Together with the person responsible for your website, make sure that the standard Open Graph tags have the right information. You can also extend the tags like the example below, so that Rule can use extra data from your website in the templates.

Standard tags > template code:
  • and:title > title
  • and:image > image
  • and:url > url
  • and:description > content
Other tags > template code:
  • and:customTag > and.customTag
  • product:customTag > product.customTag

Once the support for Open Graph or Google Structured Data Markup is in place on your website, you can use the feature in your Campaigns, Automations and Journey Builder. See below how it works to get the content!

Note that if you use Google Sstructured data Markup you need to pull in the content of such a block, it is available in the standard template "Rule Super Template". You can order such a block from supporten if you would like a different look. Below you can see a picture of what the template is called, and to the right what the block is called.   

2. Guide on how to use "Drag and drop" in the Rule

When editing your mailing and wanting to retrieve content from your website, drag the link into the block you want the content in. See the clip below:

You can then correct any captured text to what you want. It is of course also possible to change to a different image than the one captured.

For questions about "Open Graph" and other possible uses, please contact us at with a description and we will reconnect shortly.

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