Set up scripts on your domain

If you don't already have a Google Tag Manager login, start by doing so.

  1. Once you are in Google Tag Manager, go to "Tags" in the menu on the left. Click on "New" and name it "Rule On Site Tracking".
  2. Open "Tag configuration" and select "Custom HTML as tag type. Paste your tracking code in the HTML field.

If you have several web pages linked to your GTM account (e.g. .com, .se, and .no) to be linked to separate On Site Tracking accounts, we recommend using a "Lookup Table variable" to define which Tracking ID corresponds to which web page.

   3. Then open the "Triggers" box under the tag area and select the "All pages" trigger.

If your website is built on SPA (single page application), use the "Window Loaded" tag instead. You must also enable the SPA feature in your account settings.

4. Save your tag and make sure to publish your changes, then you're done.

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