Email campaigns via API

In this article, we will go through campaign submissions via API calls and what is required to send them.

API calls to create mailings are not the most commonly used and we recommend that you use our campaign editor and create mailings via this. If you still want to send campaigns via API calls, it is important to understand how to create these and all the parts that need to be in place for it to work.

Correct technical implementation and use is important for these types of mailings to work, it is not our responsibility and we refer to these guidelines. 

API documentation

You can see how to call blocks in the template to build the content of the mailing in our API documentation:

Template for API mailings

In order for the API calls to be able to include blocks and email parts correctly in the campaign, you first need to create a template that works correctly. You can create this yourself by following this example:

You can order such a template from us according to your own design. All the information on how to order a template and what the base should look like can be found in our guide. Underlag för mallbeställning

Note! Write in the order that it should be an API template. 

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