How to add your own landing pages to Rule?

Rule allows you to add your own landing pages for e.g. successful and/or failed registration and also their own landing page for members who clicked on the unregistration link directly in the newsletter. This allows the customer to be further owned with the possibility of asking questions, giving offers, etc. 

You enter your own URLS in two places, see the steps below: 

To set the landing page for unenrolled members: 

  • Go to settings
  • Go to account > Sender settings. Click on the Address bar to enter your own URL. To finish, click the green tick. 


To set landing pages for successful/failed registration, successful confirmation , and if one is already a member

  • Go to members
  • Click Home Page form
  • Select one of your created forms (for example, Signup home page) and click on the settings/gear icon. See picture below.  Go to Step 3 of the process of creating a form. 
  • When the menu opens, you can add your own URLS by clicking in the address fields. See the picture at the bottom. Finish by clicking on the green tick. 


Mvh Team Rule

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