What's good to consider before I import my file with members?

Member import in Rule consists of a few parts and soon you have the members in place and can start communicating to them. 

To bring the members of Rule, go to Members and click the Importbutton. Next, select your file and click Start Import to proceed. (Note that accepted file formats are Excel and CSV and the files should be formatted correctly. Below we list more points that are good to keep in mind when preparing your file.) 

  • The file should be formatted correctly. Check what it looks like where you export it from. The columns should have a title (which will then be matched in Rule) and contain only the information to be there; without unnecessary signs that may complicate loading. 
  • the custom fields' attributes (e.g. first name, zip code, etc.) are created advantageously before import. This is done through Members > Groups and. (Here you can read more about what a custom field is.
  • The Excel columns will then automatically be connected to created custom field in Rule. PLEASE NOTE: custom field for e-mail and mobile numbers do not need to be created, Rule reads the fields automatically!
  • The contents should only be located in the first sheet of the Excel sheet. 

For a large number of receivers, we recommend importing a file. And for a few recipients you can enter the addresses manually. When importing, you can either create a new tag or add members to a pre-existing one.

For any problems with the file import, please contact support@rule.se and attach the current file.

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