What does "Customize block" mean and how do I use it?

Customize blocks is a feature to be able to separate sections/offers in the newsletter for selected groups. By using the function "Customize blocks" you can easily choose which tag or filter to see the desired content in the newsletter. 

  • You can find the feature in the email builder where you create the content of your newsletter.

To customize the content follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to your Account in Rule and go to Campaigns.

2. Choose to create a new campaign or open a started campaign from the drafts section.

3. Select the block you want to customize for specific recipients by selecting it.

4. Click the + sign next to the block at the top. After clicking the + character, it will create a similar block so you can customize the contents of the different blocks.

5. Then click the Customize Block button on the right side of the news creator. This will cause the block to be marked with a text "Customize block".

6. Double click on the blue box where it says customize blocks, which then leads you to this view:

7. Here you choose which tag/filter you want the content to be displayed for. You choose between tag and filter by clicking the "tag" button.

8. After selecting tag/filter and clicking Close , you will see the block has been customized to the desired recipients. 

9. You then do the same steps for the next block, voila! Now the blocks are customized and the recipients will be met by customized content upon receipt. For example, another image or other text content.

Vi har gjort en stor förbättring av förhandsgranskningsfunktionen vid användning av anpassat block. Om du skickar en förhandsgranskning till en användare som matchar anpassade blockregler, kommer förhandsvisningen att visa exakt hur den användaren skulle se e-postmeddelandet när det skickas. Men om du skickar en förhandsgranskning till en användare som inte matchar det anpassade blocket kommer du att se alla block i e-postmeddelandet.

/Team Rule

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