What is meant by "blocked" Customer/member?

Addresses are blocked in separate message types (campaigns or transactions) and channels (E-mail & SMS). The difference is clarified in common examples that you as a customer can choose to unsubscribe from advertising campaigns but still receive receipts and delivery confirmations. 

Rule users can block all communication paths at the touch of a button. See the results below. In cases where customers choose to actively unsubscribe from individual variants of the options above, it is reported separately. 

In order for a customer to have a status of blocked as in the example above, you should either have:

  • Clicked on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of its received newsletter.
  • Been manually blocked by an administrator directly in Rule as above. It can be done in two different ways, 1) via the Block button on the customer card or 2) via the pen icon on the customer card followed by the Unregister button in the next menu. 

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