What is meant by "unconfirmed" customers/members?

When a customer signs up for example a newsletter, a letter will automatically be generated along with a link to confirm that the address is correct and that the recipient is not a phishing robot to avoid automated spamming. 

The most common reason why customers/members are marked "unconfirmed" is because of the recipient not clicked on this link to confirm their address. (I.e. the link that you create during step 2 of the process when creating your own form.)

Figure 1: Example of the appearance of the menu under members when a customer/member has been named "unconfirmed".

Figure 2: Example of a customer card marked "Unconfirmed" pending confirmation.  

If the customer does not click on the confirmation button, the email will not become active in the account. If the member wants a new confirmation email, they must wait 24 hours before the member can sign up again. 

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