Webhooks are a feature of the Web code that tells a Web page owner when something happens on the webpage. These events can be completed forms, comments, or other submissions. They are first sent to the Web server and then forwarded to a Web page or other service that the website owner sets up in advance. An email or text message when someone writes a comment. The point is that you do not have to check if something has happened on the Web page. You get to know it when it happens. 

  • To access the Webhook section of your Rule account, you must log in and click "Settings" from the home page menu.
  • Once you have clicked on settings you will get to a view where you see the tabs: Account, user, Developer and Admin, click on the "Developer" tab. After clicking on the tab, you will be met by the following view:

  • Under the Webhooks section, the responsible developer can set up the desired webhooks.

Here is more technical documentation about web hooks https://www.rule.se/apidoc/#webhooks

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