Winback flow in Journey Builder

How to set up a Winback flow in Journey Builder

Just because a customer hasn't shopped or shown interest in your business for a while, it doesn't mean the customer is lost. The previous customer may still want to buy your product or service, it's just a matter of giving them a reason to come back, for example with a Winback email. In this KB article, we will show you step by step how to set up the win-back flows in the Journey Builder.

Note that everything you do inside the Journey Builder Autosparas


  1. Once in the Dashboard view, click on the highlighted icon on the left to access the Journey Builder.
  2. In the right corner, you should then click on "+ New Journey"
  • First steps in your Journey
  1. Start by adding your "Header" and "Footer". Simply explained, it is your "Header" and "Footer" , all emails you have within this Journey, you only need to add header and footer here, and never inside the mail builder. 
  2. Fill in what you want this lane to be called, as this lane will be about Winback we will name it "Winback".

Set the right settings:

  1. Make sure that "Trigger" is "Repetitive"
  2. Here you need to make sure that 'Daily' is selected.

After the settings are right, we'll make a few more changes inside the email itself.

  1. Click on the email 
  2. Fill in your title for this email
  3. Select the segment, it can be either a tag or a segment. If you are not sure what the difference is, read more here!
  4. You will easily be able to search for the segments you want in this specific email. Good to know is that you can add multiple segments, both tags and segments. If you want to understand more how you can benefit from segmentation, you can read more about tips here!

We have a guide on how to set up the word count filter in the article on Exempel på segment called "Segment on activity"

Fill in sender details

  1. Change if you want a unique "Sender name", otherwise keep the default account name.
  2. Change if you want a unique "Sender email", otherwise keep the account's default email.
  3. Choose a "Title" for the email.
  4. Fill in the desired "Pre header"
  5. Fill in your "UTM campaign", if you are not sure what it is, read here!
  6. Fill in your "UTM content", if you are not sure what it is, read here!

Now the fun begins, building the email!

  1. Under the standard bar, you'll see all the different "Widgets" that are always available for you to start building your email with.
  2. Drag the Widgets you want to use up to "Added Widgets", in the order you want them to be in the email itself.
  3. Once you are satisfied, you can preview what the email will look like.

Now we will go through how to continue building multiple emails or SMS in your Winback strategy.

  1. Use the "+ " and "-" signs to decide after how many days you want the email to be triggered.
  2. To continue building on your Winback strategy, click on "+" and choose whether you want to add more emails or SMS to this feed.
  3. In this case, we added an SMS, which is clearly visible on the symbol above. Click on the SMS

Build your SMS

  1. Select segments, in the same way as in the email.
  2. Fill in your name, company or organization
  3. Fill in name or UTM campaign
  4. Here you write the message itself
  • Note that the number of characters per SMS must not exceed 160.

If you want to learn more about tips and tricks about SMS in Rule you can do so här!

Structure the order of the mailings

  1. Remember that just like the email, you have to fill in the number of days you want the SMS to be triggered.
  2. If there are many days you want it to be sent, you don't only have to click on "+" or "-", you can also write as in this case, "70".
  3. As you can see, the mailings are ordered by the number of days. Double check that in this case, the SMS is completed and that it is active.

Congratulations! You have now set up a Winback feed. You can also continue to build as many emails and SMS as you like in this feed. 

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