Setting up 'RSS feeds' to retrieve content

In this article, we will go through step by step how to get started retrieving content from your website or e-commerce using "RSS feeds". These feeds are downloaded as a file from your website and are a way to easily and efficiently include the desired content from your website directly when editing your mailings. If you have an RSS block in your template, it will be filled with the material from your website or e-commerce when you drop the content.

> You can retrieve content used in templates in several ways, to find the way that suits you. klicka här!

We will go through:

  1. What you need to set up internally
  2. Guide on how to use "RSS feeds" in the Rule

1. What you need to set up internally

  1. Start by checking with your developers if you have support for RSS feeds on your website, also that it contains the right elements to work in Rule. You can see below how the tags are read, which is an extended standard of RSS. Depending on what type of content you want to include, such as images in a certain format, you may need to change how the elements are read. Then your developers need to adapt the content of the RSS feed. If you have any questions, contact support!
  2. We also support Atom feeds, for more technical help with that, contact support!
  3. If/when it is set up, you can start downloading content immediately as there are two standard templates in Rule that support RSS feeds (you can see what the templates are in the Step 2 Guide). If you want a different RSS block for your own templates, order the blocks and we will create them for you. This is done by emailing support.

Rule reads the following XML elements in an RSS feed:

  • title
  • media:content or if it is in the group media:group (Reference)
  • link added to images in our RSS templates
  • content (Reference)
  • category not used in our standard RSS templates

2. Guide on how to use the "RSS feed" in the Rule

The functionality can be tested in our standard templates called RSS with images and RSS without images . Below you can see which templates and blocks have functionality for RSS feeds. 

Once inside the template, you can drag links to the block with support for RSS functionality. You can drag the link by clicking and holding on the padlock in the browser, and then drag it to the block in your campaign.

See the guide below:

drag-drop-feed-exempel From Rule Communication On Vimeo.

For questions about "RSS feeds" and other possible uses, please contact us at with a description and we will reconnect shortly. 

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